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Statistic by Dawn Robertson

Review for Statistic 
 By Dawn Robertson

Release Date 7.28.2014

Attempted Murder.
Aurora Alexander is everything headlines are made of.

Newly divorced single mother Aurora Alexander is trying to move on with her life.
After a string of unsuccessful blind dates, she turns to internet dating.
Everyone does it, so it has to be safe. Right?



What makes a person tick? Is it the way they are raised? Perhaps it is a genetic predisposition. Our DNA coded from the moment of conception to write out the entire way our life will play out. Of course some things will be left to chance; fate better yet. But I can tell you from personal experience, some people are just born bad. 
I always did my best, despite having the genetic odds stacked against me. Saying I didn't win the parental lottery would have been one of the understatements of the century. Yet, I was always able to skate by in life. Trying not to become a statistic. Little did I know other people would take my choices away from me.
I guess most of my problems started when I got married. I was such a naïve twenty year old. I thought the world was all sunshine and roses. He was my world, my reason for living. That was until he lost interest in me. A high risk pregnancy, bed rest, sex restrictions, and a colicky baby will kill intimacy for anyone. Breastfeeding isn't sexy. Neither are the stretch marks Liam left me with. I didn't care, and I still don't. But he did, and that is why I caught him in bed with my eighteen year old babysitter when my son was barely three. 
I know, my life is starting to sound like a soap opera. I wish these were the darkest days. Back then, I thought they were. I thought going through a divorce with a four year old son was the end of the world. Ha. I wish I would have known what my future would hold. What damage could be done at the hands of a stranger I thought I knew. 
Does anyone truly ever know another person? My answer to that question would be no. Even the most open and honest people have dark secrets. Shit they would never reveal to anyone. You know you have those type of secrets, we all do. Hell, I do. I typically would never tell anyone. Except since the world knows most of them now, it is my turn to tell my own story. The true story of Aurora Alexander. The real dangers of picking up strange men on the internet under the guise of dating, and new beginnings. It all began as a game. A way to spread my wings, and learn the dating game after being out of it for a decade. It ended in a violent attempt on my life. 
I am a fighter. I have lived to tell my story. No one can silence me. Not even him.

Review by Lynn
What can I say about Dawn Robertson, other than she is a genius and master of words! I have read all of her other books and have to say that if you haven't read them, you are SOOOO missing out!!!  Look her up, you won't regret it!

"You can’t make a whore a housewife.
But, you will learn. I will teach you. 
It is only a matter of time.
You will be my whore. My wife.
You will obey me, and worship me."

In this book you are introduced to Aurora Alexander, a recently divorced woman who has been scorned by her high school sweetheart.  While on a mission to find a new man, she is introduced to several, one of which being Jackson Revere. His mission in life is to protect this woman that has stolen his heart. And not only her, but her four year old son, Liam.  Jackson, as perfect as he seems, has his own little secrets he holds close. When someone breaks into Aurora’s house, she becomes cautious and scared. Could it be someone she met on the internet? She may never know…  This incident makes Aurora feel unsafe and she ends up moving to a different house. Little does she know she still isn't safe...

With her profile becoming more and more interesting, her inbox quickly fills up.  She seems to greatly enjoy all the attention she is getting from these men.  She really must have missed out on that when she was growing up.  This book really gives you the Do's and don'ts of On-line dating. CONFUSING...the good guys are the bad guys and and bad guys are the good guys...who do you choose????  

Just know that Dawn keeps you on edge wondering what is going to happen next. There is tons of mystery, suspense, and hot sex. Every time you think you have it figured out, she throws you for a loop. The epilogue left me with my mouth hanging open and in shock thinking OH HELL NO she didn’t!

Well done Dawn, well done!!!  Loved it from beginning to end! Look forward to the next one...still shocked but pulling it together. 

Dawn Robertson is a two time best selling, twenty-something indie author, and mother. She lives in sunny senior citizen packed Florida, where she wrangles her flock of kids and writes smut.
Dawn can normally be found swearing like a sailor, making late night drive-thru appearances, arguing with her kids (or being run over by their power wheels), reading a steamy romance while hiding in her bathroom, writing her little heart out on her laptop (or dragging her Macbook to the Genius bar praying they can save her latest work in progress), shopping for My Little Pony goodies, being the life of the party at a book signing, or sipping on a smoothie. She loves to hear from her fans, readers, and authors alike. Feel free to drop her a message.

Dawn rarely takes life seriously, so be sure to expect heavy sarcasm from her. She is also the life of the party, so be sure to meet up with her at one of the many author events she will be attending in the next couple months. Buy her a shot of whiskey, and she will love you for life

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