Monday, August 25, 2014

Review of Beautifully Damaged by L.A. Fiore

Synopsis: Ember Walsh was always the quiet one, enjoying a book and a glass of wine over the noise and crowds of a club, but when her best friend asks her to come out and meet the boy she likes Ember's world is turned upside down. He appears like a mythical avenging angel, inked, gorgeous and completely out of her league but one look and Ember no longer wants the quiet, she wants him.

Trace Montgomery has buried his damaged past with women and fighting until one day he meets an angel and suddenly he wants more, he wants her. For her, he's determined to overcome his demons but will the dark secret that links their pasts bring them closer or will it tear them apart.

4 Stars!

Review: I re-read this book recently so that I could read the second one, Beautifully Forgotten, which came out more recently. I am really glad that I did, however, as Trace and Ember's story is also a huge part of the second book, even though it is not really their story. Trace and Ember run into each other one night at a club, and she is fascinated from that first moment. Trace is kind of the typical super attractive, wealthy, party guy, but he also has some deep undercurrents that Ember picks up on pretty quickly. She begins to run into him in odd places, and they slowly begin to build a friendship. The friendship doesn't last long, however, before they both realize that they have feelings for one another. This is where any ease to their relationship ends and the really hard part begins.

Trace. Man, I'm not even sure what to say about Trace except that he is complicated, complex, amazing, attractive, etc. Yet, he is also his own worst enemy. He pushes Ember away just as much, if not more, than he holds her close. She was initially described as this wallflower type, with no self-esteem, but she did not seem to have any trouble fighting for Trace. I have a hard time with characters that change, like that, over night, but I guess everyone eventually finds someone worth fighting for.

From there, however, it is not just about Trace fighting his demons and pushing Ember away. They also have a shared past, and that past seems to be coming back up between them in ways that neither expected. They begin to unravel past events, all while slowly getting closer. Then, Trace does the unthinkable and breaks Ember's heart. She has to decide if she wants to give him one more chance and fight for him one more time. In the meantime, someone else is also watching Ember and sees that she is unguarded. Will she and Trace work out their hurts and difficulties? Is he prepared to lose her for good?


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  1. So can't remember the ending....will have to re-read before getting the next one!!!