Sunday, August 17, 2014

Review Shh...Gianna's Side by M. Robinson


Have you ever lied? Held secrets? Betrayed someone? ...
I have.
McKenzie and I were best friends, soul sisters. We shared everything…or so she thought. To everyone I was perfect and happy. No one knew the real me. That was until I saw him. Everything changed the second we laid eyes on each other. The world stopped moving and only we existed in it. But it just added to the secrets and lies, it became too much and I couldn’t tell apart what was real and what wasn’t.
This story is for anyone, who has ever lied and lived to regret it…


I read this as an ARC ~ Please note this will not release for sale until September 1st, 2014!!!!

You may or may not know that this was once a co-written book by two authors that was split into two version of the same story line....who's side will you read and believe??? Shhh...Gianna's Side or Shhh... Mack's Side ( by Jettie Woodruff).

I am NOT one to do spoilers....especially considering I am reading these books as an ARC but I will say that you NEED to read both sides to fully experience the wild, shocking ride. We are talking need therapy while and after reading them....I still find myself zoned out processing all that happened as if I were right there with them. I am sitting on pins and needles waiting on someone-anyone to finish both sides so we can recover together!!!!!!

In this book you see just how lies and deception impact not only your present situation but everything else in life too. It's a vicious tell one to cover up the another and before you know it it's consumed you. As we all know....eventually the truth will always come out....then what?? Does one ever heal after they learn the truth or do they secretly lock it away and seek out revenge in their own mind. Shhh.....don't ask..don't tell and no one ever gets hurt. OR do they.......

This is a must read....there is kitty smackin hotness and lots and lots of skeltons in closets that need to come out. So I encourage you to prepare yourself before you embark on this roller coaster of emotion. Pay very close attention to what you are reading. For me having read Mack's side first I found myself easily confused in areas but I went in seeking answers. I got those answers and even more than I bargained for at the end.

Fasten your seat belts people and you can message me for support later......

Final note: I have had several readers ask me which one they should read first...well in my honest opinion I think you should read Mack's side first then Gianna's because Mack will draw you in with all her details and then Gianna's will kind of give you motive for why things happened the way they did. Either way you go....reading BOTH is a must !!!

4 " Oh My Goodness Gracious" Stars

~ Karen

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