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Welcome to Sassy Southern Book Affair
Reading is what we live and breath...we here at SSBA read our own books on top of our monthly group reads and talk about them together for hours. So it seemed only natural to take that next step and share our thoughts and love with the world.

We would be more than honored to read and review your book. We not only read/review ARCS but many that we purchase on our own. We would love nothing more than to be able to read each and every book that comes our way but unfortunately we all have work and family to balance as well. With that being said we make every effort to squeeze in as much as possible every month but still be able to enjoy the story.

Being that we have a responsibility to our subscribers, we will always be honest and respectful of everything we do read. Should we not be able to read your book or provide you with a good rating, we will contact you directly to provide you with feedback and gladly still post your promos. We do not charge for our reviews nor do we accept gifts or discounts in exchange for a review. ARCS are never shared with the public.

We publish our reviews on our blog of course but we also share it on our Facebook page, Goodreads and Amazon to ensure that your book receives the maximum exposure possible. We do our best to tag the author in the post when we can so that they know when it's been posted.

Genres we typically read include:

*Contemporary Romance
*Romantic Comedy
*YA/NA -we prefer them to be college age
* Paranormal

If you have any questions about whether or not your book falls within these categories, feel free to reach out to us and ask, Or should you have any ideas or suggestions in general you can email us at or message us on our Facebook page at We love hearing from you!!!!!!!!!!

Our Rating System:
This is our general guidelines for how we rate our books: If we rate a book less than 3, we typically will not write a review to post. However, we will more than gladly still share your links on our page. From time to time you may see .5 ratings as well but these aren't branded with our southern charm so don't be alarmed Sugar...just means you left us indecisive.
5 "Shut The Front Door" Stars -I couldn't put it down, there's just no getting over it!!!
4 "Oh My Goodness Gracious" - Good but  I just saw a little room for improvement.
3 "That's A Hot Mess" - Something is missing

Please email your submission to and include the following:
Title/Author Name
Brief description (as we don't have the time to look up all the books)
Standalone/Series ( if series are all books out/ do you need to read prior book)
Release Date/Time frame to read
What you would like us to do
Our preferred reading format is Mobi or PDF
Thank you so much for allowing us sassy girls the chance to be a part of this journey with you. We feel blessed that you would even consider us to review your work or to help you in other areas (blog tour,etc.). We wish you nothing but happiness and success in all your future endeavors.


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