Thursday, June 12, 2014

Review: The Edge of Darkness by Melissa Andrea

The Edge of Darkness (Darkness Duet, #1)


 I loved to dance, but I don’t anymore. 

I was in an accident I don’t remember… or maybe I don’t want to remember. 
Either way, every day since, has been… an adjustment and I’m left with a constant reminder that nothing is forever. 

Now, my life is a tangled web of darkness filled with deceit, hate, betrayal and lies. I don’t dwell on the past, I don’t regret and I don’t remember… I survive. But then I met Ryland Dare and he changed everything. He reminded me that life’s worth living and that remembering isn’t always a bad thing. 

You don’t know true darkness until you've felt light… 

On the outside looking in, some would say my siblings and I have had a pretty easy life. But beyond the fancy cars, the huge house and endless social events, is where the truth really lies. Power hungry father, defeated mother and fake friends? Yeah I have one of each. Then Araya Noelle comes along and shows me what I’ve been missing. She thinks I changed her life, but really, she saved mine. 

At the edge of darkness, you must DARE to HOPE. DARE to LOVE. DARE to LIVE


Araya loves dance and is one of the best.  Had it not been for an accident, she would have been the youngest to be accepted into Julliard.  The accident forced Araya to adjust in several ways.  Her mother does not survive the accident causing her to have live with her aunt and uncle.  Ever since that day, she has not truly lived her life.  There is nothing for her to look forward to until the day she meets Ryland Dare. 

Ryland is captivated by Araya's beauty and there's something else.  He just might be the light she needs.  For the past four years, Araya has not been living.  Since the accident, she stays in the apartment, cooks, and cleans up after her aunt and uncle, and dwells on the past.  Her situation not only broke my heart, but it made me mad at the same time.

Ryland is rich and handsome but has a chip on his shoulder.  He lives at home with his very dysfunctional family.  Ryland's dad, J.D., is just a jerk.  Make that Jerk with a capital J!  He only wants his children to do what he says and wants.  For Ryalnd, that is to work for the family company.  Ryland and his siblings however, despise their parents.  Ryland is just waiting for the day he can leave his family's home.  This changes though when he sees a pretty read head at the park.  

Araya may live in darkness but Ryland becomes her light.  Araya can be shy at times, but she also still has a fire within her.  Ryland is sweet, strong and very persistence.  These two balance each other.  J.D. however will stop at nothing to separate these two.  He is EVIL.  I believe Araya even says J.D. makes the devil look like a saint!  

I give this book a 4 stars.  Yes there is a cliff hanger, but thank goodness book 2 is out!  Stay tuned for that review.

~ Jade

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