Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Review of Duty Bound (The Protectors #1) by Noelle Adams and Samantha Chase

Synopsis: I used to think I could be a hero, but one deadly night destroyed that delusion. So I’ve come home defeated. My military career, my best friend, my purpose—all of it is lost.

What I find is her.

She’s my best friend’s sister, and she’s everything I shouldn’t want. She’s on a hopeless quest for answers about her brother’s death, but those are secrets that can never come to light. She’s always been a fighter, and she desperately wants the truth.

I desperately want her.

Someone is trying to kill her now, and she won’t let me keep her safe. I have to do it anyway, even if she doesn’t trust me, even if she hates me for it. A man protects what’s precious to him, whether or not he can ever claim her for his own. So she becomes my purpose.

I’ll become a hero for her.

4.5 Stars

Review: Levi returns home after serving time in the military, and one of the first things that he has to face is his buddy, and fellow soldier, Gavin's funeral. Gavin was killed in action while they were on a mission, so Levi is at the funeral, along with three of their other friends. Gavin's sister, Harper, does not easily welcome Levi home, and she struggles not to place blame on him for being the one to come home, rather than her brother. Levi also blames himself for that.

Harper is the type of person that is always looking for the answer, always looking for the truth. She is short, which she has felt is a setback her whole life, and so her personality is very fierce and argumentative. She begins to question her brother's death, and someone does not like it, so she begins to get death threats. Upon finding this out, Levi decides that he will take Gavin's place in her life and try to protect her. Levi and Gavin were best friends growing up, so he has always felt protective of Harper, but he is not necessarily used to his new feelings for her. The two of them must figure out how to not only deal with their grief at losing Gavin, but also with their new attraction for one another.

As the threats against Harper increase, Levi's attempts to protect her also increase - which drives her crazy. Harper is not necessarily the most likeable character that I've come across, as she is so focused on making people hear her, or fighting for a specific cause, that she does not always really see what is going on in front of her, or even hear what people are trying to say to her. She and Levi are an interesting mix, as he is quite the opposite. Levi did not want to return home and work for his father's construction company, and he really seems very frozen and just...disconnected, now that he is back in a civilian life. Harper and all of her energy make him start to come back to life.

Harper and Levi have a pretty rocky path, though, because neither one of them seems to want to change, yet they also would have to compromise in order to be together. This was a great read, and it sets up the story for the other guys, as well - Sebastian, Cole and Declan. Levi slowly begins to find some purpose in his life, and this impacts them. The book goes back and forth between Levi and Harper, which I enjoyed, as I think too much of Harper would have been difficult to connect to, but through Levi, we see some of her softness come through. I'm curious to see what Levi's dream for himself and his friends look like now.


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