Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Review of All of It by Kim Holden

Synopsis: Seventeen-year-old VERONICA SMITH has it all: a loving family, a funky car named Jezebel, and a plan to go to college after graduation. On the first day of senior year, she meets DIMITRI GLENN--a mysterious transfer student with gray eyes and a mischievous smile who seems determined to win her heart. But there's something odd about Dimitri, leading Veronica to wonder if there's more to him than meets the eye. Before long, she finds herself in a whirlwind romance that seems too good to be true--until a series of devastating events leaves her questioning everything. It's not until she chooses to think with her heart instead of her mind that she can rise from the ashes to learn the truth of their connection.

5 Stars!

Review: This author really knows how to suck you in. I recently finished another of her books and decided to give this one a try. Veronica, or Ronnie, is a 17 year old, just starting her senior year of high school when she meets Dimitri. He is unlike any other guy she has ever met, as she has only ever really befriended guys. No other guy has ever gotten her attention, much less given her butterflies and zapped energy right into her body, just from a touch...but Dimitri certainly does.

Dimitri is different, though, from Ronnie, or anyone else that she knows. He is so mature for his age, and he seems to know what she is thinking before she even thinks it, much less says it. The wheels start to turn in your head - is this a paranormal book - is he a Vampire - does she have short term memory loss???? What is going on...because something is going on. And yet, you just get sucked in. Kim writes her characters so well, that you really feel like you are peaking into Ronnie's life. You see her interact with other characters, such as her best friend, Teagan, and her friend Piper, and you feel that these characters are important, solely for the reason that they are important to Ronnie.

Ronnie and Dimitri grow closer, but she freaks out at this sudden life change and ends things with Dimitri. I was so frustrated with her at this point, and yet, it is such an 18 year old girl thing to do that you can't help but to think back to high school and how overwhelming everything could feel, at times. Dimitri, in his endless patience, is there for Ronnie when she is ready again, and thank goodness he is, because life is not always kind to Ronnie, and she needs Dimitri and all of her friends around her. I liked that this book did not just stay in high school, but it also talked about the next several years of their lives, as well as into the future. You get a sense for how amazing their love is, and how much they really do complete each other (totally pulling a cheesy movie line). But life is about the happy times and the sad times - and Dimitri knows that more than anyone. I was sobbing at one point...sobbing. And yet...there is hope to be found even in the saddest part.


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