Thursday, November 13, 2014

Domesticated by Jettie Woodruff Release Day and Review

I was once told that I was like an animal. Animals were naturally conditioned, just like the rodent that I was, I needed to be conditioned. Aristocrats in our class had a trained way of living. Women had their place beside their hard-working spouses and weren't allowed to rock the boat.

As a small child, I believed in the preparation requirements. Once learned, a conditioned response is hard to get past. No matter how much I tried, it was a part of me - deep within my subconscious. No matter how much I wanted it to be different, it never was, and nobody could change what had been acclimatized profoundly in my mind.

I knew what I did was wrong. I knew what I hid from the world was dirty. And I knew Garrison would never understand. However, I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t control it. No matter how hard I tried. It was always there, always a part of me, and who I was.

This book is for mature audiences only. In other words, it is F**ked up.
Read at your own risk.
Ohhh....Sweet, Sexy Sam !!!!!!

That's our crazy Kendra !
 Once again Jettie Woodruff does not disappoint....she has a very unique writing style that is simply genius. It's different but in a scratch your head and think "what the heck did I just read" kinda way that has you begging for more. Literally, I was begging for chapter after chapter. She always has those characters that you love to know the ones that make you want to throw your e-reader across the room.
Ok so now onto this always if you have read my reviews before you know I don't do spoilers especially when the book isn't even truly released yet. This one will be no different!!!
The main character Kendra will remind you of a stepford and fake. Yet as you dig deeper and get to know the real Kendra, you realize why she hides her crazy behind that rich girl act. Deep down she was just that same scared, lonely little girl that needed love and affection that she couldn't find anywhere. Not even with her joke of a fake husband....boy will that one ever rock your world when you read it. OMG !!! Thank goodness that sweet, sexy Sam came along....(sigh we all need a Sam in our lives). I lived the scenes with Sam as if I were right there with them watching in jealousy. If you want hot, steamy sex then this one is for joke I was sending scenes to my husband while he was at work and I paid dearly when he came home :)
All kidding aside...get this book!!! It touches on so many different emotions and I am sure there will be plenty of people that feel a connection to Kendra in some way. It's a very realistic reminder that the truth will always come out and that money can't buy you happiness. One can only find that when they live their life for themselves an NO ONE else.

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