Thursday, September 25, 2014

Review for Finding Eden by Mia Sheridan

The continuation and conclusion to Becoming Calder both to be released October 5th !! 


5 " Shut The Front Door" Stars !!!!!!!!!!!

Having just finished this book a couple hours ago, I realize that I am just numb and at a loss for words. Those that know me know that never happens !!!

So forgive as I try and struggle through this one......I read this series after reading and falling so helpless in love with Archer's Voice. So much so that it has been to date my favorite read of 2014. I was scared to start this one worried that it wouldn't hold a candle to Archer. 

While the first book (Becoming Calder) was hard for me to get into at first because I was still stuck on Archer,  it grew on me half way in and left me needing more. I had to know the story behind these strong yet broken souls. I had fallen in love with them and their journey to be happy and free. 
I got that and so much more from Finding Eden....I didn't read it. I FELT it...every heartbreak, every tender smile, every single emotion as if I were right there with them. This is a story of how true love can and will overcome everything that stands against it. It's about the strength and will to live when everything around you wants you to give up and fail. Bad things happen to us all but are we strong enough to take a stand and fight for what we deserve out of this life?? No one is in charge of your destiny but you......cherish each moment you have for the gift that it is and never give up. 

As you can tell this book really hit home for me and made me see things about my own life that I take for was different and a breath of fresh air. Mia's writing style is unbelievable and like no other and I most definitely will be rereading this one.

Make sure you put this one on your TBR list and cherish the journey with sweet morning glory and butterscotch just as I did. Don't miss a single detail that is sure to grab hold of your heart and never let go.


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