Monday, September 22, 2014

Picked by Jettie Woodruff

Available for Pre-Order NOW....Release Day is September 25th

Picked by Jettie Woodruff


It started with a game, a very different computer game, and a desire to know a life so intriguing and different from my own. I had just started to venture out with my own work at my father’s private investigating firm when our paths crossed on purpose. My purpose. I never expected things to go the way they did. I never expected him to be so nice and handsome. I couldn’t be number four. How could any woman love a man with more than one wife? Not only was it impossible, it was ridiculous. There was no way I was getting any closer. I was going to get in, dig around a little, and get out. That’s it. Does anything ever turn out the way we plan? Becker Cole’s wives were not the typical, obedient little housewives wearing aprons and submitting to him I had pegged them to be. They were cute, young and full of life. I loved them. All three of them. And somehow, I loved Becker too. Could I swallow the persona that society expected me to be and share him, or was this too much? Was I ready to be a part of this world? And if I wasn’t… could I just walk away?


5 " Shut The Front Door" Stars for me !!!!!!!!

First let me say that I am one of the lucky ones that got to read this amazing book before release day.

It came to me a few chapters at a time and I was literally begging for more. I had several other books to read and review BUT couldn't get into any of them because my mind was only on Cass, Becker and Matt.
No lie, there were times out of no where my mind would wonder off and I would be playing out different scenarios in my head of what might happen next.

Whether you've read all of Jettie Woodruff's books or none..this one is sure to be at the top of your list once you've read it. I am not one to reread stories but this will remain on my kindle forever because I simply love these characters and the way they all grow along with the story. Truly amazing read that will tug at your heart and it's totally relatable. I'm that girl that just can't get into a book unless I can actually envision it happening...I want to feel as if I am right there with them while I read. This one did just will suck you in right away with the "different " story line and have you scratching your head saying this is just crazy...who does that then the next minute you are on the edge of your seat.

I don't ever post spoilers but trust me when I say this is one you want to add to your TBR list. I felt as if I were glowing right after reading this because it was just that good but now after having a few hours to take it all in I am feeling such a loss knowing the beautiful journey is over. #purebookbliss

Enjoy !!!

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