Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Review of Imperfectly Perfect by A.E. Woodward

Synopsis: Emma, Tyler and Shane have been best friends since they were kids. Along with their college addition, Rob, the four friends have an exciting life in NYC. In fact, Emma Sloan appears to have it all.

Despite being happy with her current situation, a big family announcement leaves Emma questioning whether she is truly content with her life. With her thirtieth birthday fast approaching she vows to find her 'perfect' man any way she can. But Emma will soon discover that the path of true love never runs smoothly and that sometimes, instead of chasing love, you have to wait for love to find you...

4.5 Stars!

Review: In many ways, Emma's close friendship with guys reminded me of earlier times in my life when I had several close guy friends. She had known Tyler and Shane since elementary and middle school, and they added Rob, along the way, in college. They had shared many important times and milestones in life with one another, however nothing has prepared Emma for the new feelings that she has in her life - feelings for a family and, possibly, for babies. 

Emma goes home for a big family event and, while there, she discovers that she does want a life similar to her mom and sister, even though she has denied it for years. She is just under 30 years old, and she feels that her time is running out to find the man of her dreams and get started on a family. She decides on a plan, however, and clues Shane, Tyler and Rob in on it when she gets home. They all support her in her quest, even when they do not agree with the guy that she ends up dating. 

It was truly touching to watch the dynamics of the friendships play out throughout this book. There is the collective friendship of the "foursome", but then each person has their own friendships, and for Emma, she truly cherishes each guy. She does have a favorite, however, and it was great to watch this relationship grow and unfold into something different. 

As much as I liked the story, I did sometimes have a hard time connecting to Emma, for some reason. I wanted her to see what was right in front of her, but she kept not seeing it. I was also very disappointed in one of the guys - I kept shouting at my kindle for him to "grow a pair"! I can't wait to see what happens with the rest of the roommates, now, though. 


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