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Review: Forever You by Sandi Lynn

Forever You by Sandi Lynn

Forever You (Forever, #2)

Synopsis: Connor Black’s life consisted of his company and his use of multiple women. There was never going to be love, relationships, or a fairy-tale life. Emotionally dead and damaged, that stemmed from a personal tragedy, Connor Black vowed never to feel any emotion or fall in love with a woman. That was true until Ellery Lane walked into his life by accident and changed his life forever. He begins experiencing feelings and emotions that he never felt before and finds himself being drawn into her world.

You took the journey with Connor and Ellery as their love, courage, and strength were put to the test. You watched their worlds come together through her eyes in Forever Black, and now it's time to take the journey through his in Forever You.

Stars: 5  

Review:  Same story as before, just from Connor's point of view.  LOVED IT!  All of the missing parts and gaps were filled in by Connor.  Now I have a better understanding of Connor why he is the way he is.  Make me love him even more!

When Connor firsts meets Ellery, he is a jerk!  But like, my review of Forever Black, Ellery doesn't put up with it.  Through-out, Connor has his jerk-worthy moments, but we get to know him and understand why.  Ellery brings out another side to Connor and he is there for her when Ellery doesn't want him.  

These two were great together but man could they fight!  Connor's driver, Denny, says it best, "You're both stubborn and I think you've met your match."  Instead of these two talking things out when it got rough, one of them would run.  Connor is accustomed to getting his way but there are also things in his past that have caused him to no longer open up.  Ellery had a  rough life and will not let others treat her badly.  

If you read, Forever Black, Forever You is a MUST! 


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