Saturday, April 26, 2014

Review of The Unraveling of Raven by Theresa Sederholt

Synopsis: At 27, Raven Anderson experienced more heartache then anyone would in their lifetime. She felt she finally had her life on track when she started doing what she loved the most, teaching second grade. The best-laid plans are not always the right path as Raven learns when fate puts her in the direct path of a mega billionaire named Jaxson James Phillips, the owner of a corporate raiding company called Raiders, Inc.

With the spotlight now focused on Raven,her past is threatening her future. So, she does what she does best, run!

This beautiful girl with the violet eyes has left Jax, who never gets rattled, totally speechless. He has always gotten whatever he wanted. So, why was this beautiful girl running away from him? As time goes on, he slowly unravels the many layers of Raven, but what he finds puts everyone around them in danger.

Can anyone survive?

3.5 Stars

Review: This story has some promise, but I had a difficult time starting it, for several reasons. There are some slang phrases that are misused, as well as some pretty major grammatical issues - periods being used instead of commas, and vice versa being just an example. The point of view also switches back and forth, with no warning, not just from chapter to chapter, but paragraph to paragraph, and it's very confusing. Once you get past the initial errors and the confusing point of view changes, the basic story is good, but I do think that I had a hard time connecting to the characters due to my initial difficult with the grammatical errors.

Raven runs into Jax, literally runs into him, while leaving a coffee shop one day. He, a known playboy, is intrigued by this girl with beautiful violet eyes that then runs away from him. He takes the time to find out that she comes back to this coffee shop every day. Later that day, he fills in for his brother in law and goes to a Bring Your Parents event at his nephew's school, and Raven is actually the teacher. After that, he continues to track her down and gets her to go on a date with him. I liked his persistence! Things with their relationship escalate pretty quickly at that point, and, suddenly, several members of Jax's family begin to get threats, including Raven. Raven and Jax have some major chemistry, although, I did struggle with her being so hesitant about being physical with Jax to suddenly kind of jumping into doing some pretty major things, physically, with him - and without much discussion.

As the story unfolds, Raven begins to share more about her history, and she actually has some pretty dangerous ties within her background. Everyone around them seems to be turning on them, and you begin to question who Raven and Jax can actually trust. Then, Raven is taken, all while finding out some dark secrets about her past that even she did not know. Jax and his best friend/security guard, Max, must look at the big picture and figure out some of these things in order to help Raven. This is where I had to kind of suspend my disbelief, however, because, not only do they find out where she is, they get the information quickly and are all of a sudden experts at how to drive a massive speed boat, hang-glide and base-jump down a cliff, which are some examples of things that I would be reading and think "where did this come from?".

I will say this, however - the story moves quickly, and there is definitely suspense that keeps you guessing a little. Little details comes out in the final part of the book that you don't see coming until right before it happens. I like when I haven't figured out the whole plot of a book within the first few chapters, so that's why I feel like this has a good basic story.

*Update: I have been notified that updates have been made to correct grammatical errors and to highlight the point of view switches which were so confusing for me, while reading.


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