Monday, January 26, 2015

Review: Finding Laila by T.K. Rapp


Wow.  Not sure where to begin with review.  I LOVED this story!  I can relate to Laila in the fact that I got along with the boys better than the girls and at times still do.  Girls can be so catty and Laila figures out quick to leave them alone but to also if they're gonna talk, play along, it's more fun.

These four boys have become her barmy, brother army.  They have been together since they were five and have helped each other through so much.  Even as they began to change and may have seen each other differently, they didn't let it effect them and stayed close.

It is now senior year and things are about to really change for this little group. As much as it sucks, change is just a way of life.  Friendships change.  Sometimes we become closer, sometimes we become more distant.  Laila, like most girls, isn't ready for this change.  It's scary.  She's always had her barmy.  Not only are they going separate ways and getting close to goodbyes, secrets are being revealed that some of the group never see coming.  However, through it all, they are there for each other.

This group has such a true friendship. No matter what happens, they are there for each other.  This is a story about how letting go is hard.  It is about a strong bond between these 5 amazing people.  It is about a journey for Laila finding herself.

The only bad thing about this book....the epilogue.  NEVER saw it coming!  T.K. Rapp came out of nowhere and hit me upside the head.  Get your tissues ready, this is an amazing read and one that will stick me.

5 Stars

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