Saturday, January 3, 2015

Release Day and Review for Plagiarized by Marlo Williams and Leddy Harper



I have learned more about life since becoming an author. Action and reaction, cause and effect. I have learned that everything has a lesson to be learned. A moral.
I wish I had learned these things, these valuable lessons, as a child.

Instead, they were learned later in life, during times when they couldn’t be undone. I had learned them the hard way.

Unfortunately, my book can’t be read to small children in order to teach them valuable lessons. Mothers and fathers can’t sit on the couch and read my words as bedtime stories full of life lessons.


The words in my book are my life lessons. Learned far too late and taught in the worst way imaginable. And there was no way I could go back in time. I would never be able to turn around and take it all away.

The words “The End” that I had typed with such enthusiasm, meant more now than I had ever imagined.

It was the end of the book.

It was the end of my career.

It was the end of my life.

It's the 3rd.  Have you one clicked your copy of Plagiarized yet?


I really love it when two authors come together AND actually give each other credit (lol-you'll understand this laugh when you read the book)..if you know one or the other's style you can see it come alive and how the other compliments them perfectly. This one was the perfect example of just that.

I couldn't put it down...I had to pay close attention in the beginning because it's literally a story within a story where a writer is seeking "help" with her book because she simply can't come up with the material for a best seller alone. Little did she know her dirty little secrets and lies would come back to bite her.

Just goes to show lying to get ahead never works and will always finds you at rock bottom........will justice be served to others, is there life after living a double life for so long?!?!? Only time will tell.........

That's all I going to give MUST read this one!!! I can't wait to get my hands on book two...literally I was messaging one of the authors and saying NOOOOO my mind is racing with unanswered questions.

Awesome job !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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