Sunday, December 14, 2014

Review for MVP by M. Robinson


I love you.
Three words that can make or break you.
I thought I needed to find myself. I thought I wasn’t happy. I thought I needed more out of life.
I didn’t.
I’m more lost now than I was when I left. I have no answers, just endless amounts of questions. It was only a matter of time until the truth came to light. I never imagined it would change my entire life and everything I thought to be true.
It was all a game.
Except I wasn’t a player.
I was a pawn.
The end.
Two words that have several meanings. I never thought I’d lose her. But did I ever really have her…
Or did VIP?
Can love conquer all?

MVP Teaser 12

Review by Lynn
5 Stars

What can I say about MVP other than well done Mo.  When I first embarked on this journey with VIP, I immediately feel in love with Ysabelle and Sebastian's story.  With that said...I loved MVP.  As soon as I finished it, I messaged Monica and let her know what I thought about the book.  She held my attention and contained my focus.  At different parts of the book, I wanted to throw the Ipad, scream, and choke both Ysabelle and Sebastian out of frustration.  It is always one step forward, three steps back with these two. The emotional connection continues to be electric, while Sebastian has talking dirty down to a tee.  This story is one of heartbreak and love, loss of someone who was a sheep in wolves clothing, trust and devotion, and finding oneself.   The roller coaster of life is not always an easy one but navigated together makes the journey far more pleasant.

Things I loved about the book:
-dual POV's, occasional POV from Madam
-Mica's appearance
-occurrences at the Cathouse
-my hatred toward Madam...I loathe her
-the total devotion of Sebastian to Ysabelle
Now the question you all want answered...what comes next for Ysabelle, Sebastian, and M. Robinson??? Stay tuned for surprises.  Don't miss this series, it is awesome. You will not be disappointed.

VIP Dream Cast

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