Monday, December 22, 2014

Review: An Underestimated Christmas by Jettie Woodruff

An Underestimated Christmas by Jettie Woodruff

For all of those who are wondering what Morgan and Drew are up to these days, this is for you. You followed Morgan through her life of pain and then happiness in Underestimated. You followed Drew through Underestimated Too with his own trials and tribulations where he too found happiness in the end.
Now read along with An Underestimated Christmas to find out if the happiness is still going strong. We pick up the story with Nicholas being nearly five and Wes being three. How do Morgan and Drew handle everyday life with a family? Will this Christmas be the best one ever, or the last?
Never underestimate the ability to lose it all.

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Do you remember that feeling you got as a kid waiting on Santa to come and how you couldn't sleep because you were so excited to see what he brought you??

Yeah that's how I felt when I first heard this book was coming out.

If you read about Drew and Morgan Kelley in Underestimated then you understand completely. If you haven't it's a MUST read before reading this one.

I knew from the start that these two would always hold a special place in my heart after the wild, emotional and trying ride they took us on. However, I didn't realize just how much I needed much I've missed their crazy chemistry. The way they challenge each other every step of the way only to get lost in steamy sex all over again.

I should have seen the emotional roller coaster coming but I didn't. But I did feel an incredible connection-as a wife, as a mother who wants so badly to be "better" than her own past upbringing.

But as good as all that way for me what I loved the most about this story was just how "real" it was. This could totally happen to anyone of us on any given day. Life isn't hearts and flowers-it's pain, struggles and learning to not only cope but to live through them. It's not something money can buy-it's something you have to dig deep within yourself to find.

Thank you Jettie Woodruff for yet another amazing story that will live within me for years to come.


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