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Blog Tour/Review - Shiver by CM Foss

Title: Shiver
Author: CM Foss
Release Date: Nov 22, 2014
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This is a love story.
This is a romantic story.
Except bananas. Bananas are never romantic.
Lissa was a twenty-year-old girl trying to make it in the equestrian world. She was sassy and smart, strong and a little weird. And she had no idea what she was doing.

Ethan was twenty-seven, tattooed, tall, dark, and hot. And lugging some baggage. He’d already made it in the business and brought Lissa on to help get her on her feet. And it turned out, he liked a little weird.
Ethan made it clear that he wasn’t in the market for a relationship. Lissa was happy to learn the ropes and push her attraction aside.
But how do you draw the line when every touch makes you…shiver?

My Review

Shiver by C.M. Foss is a sweet romance with a little "porn". Please make sure you read the Author's note for important understanding of the last half of the book.

Shiver is about a fun, witty, sassy 20 year old, Lissa who decides to ditch the college path and try to make it in the equestrian world. After a couple years she was finally coming to the realization, maybe this was not working especially since her boyfriend, Brett, knocked up another girl and help cause her to break both her arms. Yes, Lissa ends up with two broken arms. What a way to end one chapter and start another.    She was ready to throw the towel in and move back in with her parents in Texas. Until tall, dark, and  sexy came to her recue and offered her a job on his horse farm.

Ethan Rex, 27 year old, owner of a successful horse ranch who has known Lissa for a couple of years, offers her a job to help with the horses. Lissa may have thought he was being a sweet friend, but I think Ethan had other motives especially when she informed him of her desire to move away to find a fresh start on life because "this" was not working.  The interaction was sweet, he said to her "don't go", which caught Lissa off guard. Then he offered her a fresh start on his horse ranch. This was the beginning of Lissa and Ethan.

Lissa and Ethan's relationship was hot and cold in the begging. Ethan was hesitant due to some unavoidable baggage. Lissa was aware of her feelings but respected her job and the fact Ethan made it perfectly clear he was not interested in a relationship. The only thing Lissa could not control was the "Shiver" she experienced when they touched. It took jealousy over another man, a sexy cocktail dress later for Ethan to realize Lissa was his and "only his" and the sexy romance started from there.

As you get into the last half of the book, make sure you read the Author's note for some insight. The last half was a completely different twist to the story. This twist tested their love and strength for themselves and with each other. It allows the reader to open his eyes to the fact "everybody's world is not always perfect" and it takes love, support, and patience to find a light at the end of a dark tunnel.

C.M. Foss did a wonderful display developing this amazing story of love, devotion, and perseverance. Thank you for sharing a story about real life and real love. I give this book 5 stars.

“Dance with me?” Lawrence’s voice behind me pulled me from my musings.
I turned with a smile. “Why thank you, sir.”
I followed him onto the dance floor, the orchestra playing a Frank Sinatra ballad. He swept me into his arms like, well, like the perfect gay best friend.
“Don’t you say it.”
“Say what?” I asked innocently.
“I am not your gay best friend. I have sisters. They took dance lessons. My mom made me partner them.”
I couldn’t help laughing loudly, drawing some disapproving glances. He quickly spun me and dipped me in playful retaliation. As he drew me back up, I stood staring straight into Ethan’s heated gaze. 
“Can I cut in?” he asked without breaking our eye contact. 
From the corner of my eye, I caught Lawrence nodding and stepping away before I was pulled flush to Ethan and we glided across the floor. 
“You look absolutely stunning.” He breathed softly into my ear, his right hand settling low, really low, on my bare back, and I shivered.
“Cold?” I felt him smile.
“No, I’m not cold,” I stated quietly, enjoying the feel of being in his arms, the texture of him beneath his tuxedo, and the touch of our hands. 
“Are you having fun tonight?”
“I am.” I nodded slowly. “I didn’t know you would be here.”
“I came as a trophy.”
I pulled back to look in his eyes. “Whose trophy? And why?” I was a little irrationally angry and felt stupid that I thought we were having a kind of moment, only to find out he was here with someone else.
“Why are you angry? You do realize you’re here with a date too, right?”
I waved him off. “Lawrence and I are just friends. He’s my arm candy for the night. And maybe a kiss at midnight if I get tipsy enough.”
He glared at me, jaw flexing back and forth. “You’re just friends who sleep together?”
“No. Just friends. As in… actual friends. Nothing more.”
“Why have you both been blatantly flaunting your relationship in front of me then?”
I shrugged. “It tickled me.”
“It tickled you,” he repeated slowly, dangerously. 
“Yes. It did. It tickled me to see your mood swings every day, and I was making bets on when you were going to start your period.”
Despite his irritation, he laughed out loud. “God, you’re weird.” He pulled me closer, wrapping my arms up around his neck and sliding his hands down my bare arms and then down my back, settling them there. “I don’t know what I’m doing with you,” he muttered softly.

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I live in beautiful Northern Virginia with my incredible husband, two awesome kids, three dogs, and two budgies. My husband and I both grew up riding and competing horses and have our own equestrian operation that we run together. In my spare time, I read through the hundreds of stories awaiting me on my e-reader.

My love of books started early, and my mom used to ration my reading time so I didn't go through them too quickly. I love all things romantic, whether it's dark or light or silly or dirty, but I really love a happy ending!
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