Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Review of Tapout (Wayward Fighters #2) by J.C. Valentine

Synopsis: History brought them together. Circumstances may keep them apart.

Alyson Blake’s past left her with scars. Scars that she tried to fix the only way she knew how—by helping others. But actions have consequences, and Alyson is about to find out that being naïve is no excuse.

Fighting is Jamison Weston’s passion. Alyson is his obsession. Despite the past and a few lingering concerns, their relationship is as solid as ever. Until a shocking lie is uncovered and all of his plans begin to unravel. Now, Jami is rushing to pick up the pieces, but as relationships are put to the test, will he be strong enough to keep it together, or will it all just fall apart?

4.5 Stars!

Review: Ally and Jami are back, pretty much starting right where the first book left off. They are doing well, although some of their same issues are still there - both still have the tendency to either run away from one another or just shut the other out. Also, Don, Jami's trainer and sort-of father figure, still hates Ally, for reasons somewhat unknown.

Jami has decided to go up a weight class, mainly because he feels like he needs a challenge, as he felt that he easily won his last weight class over. He is even busier training and trying to bulk up. The time for his first fight finally arrives, and instead of letting Ally come with him for the out of town fight, he seems to give in to Don's thoughts that Ally should stay behind - that still stumps me, but Jami and Ally do not always make decisions that make sense. I know that much of that comes from their backgrounds and the different types of abuse or neglect that they faced, but they can often push one another away really well. While Jami is away, Ally must finally face the consequences of one of her decisions from the first book, regarding Tori and Miles. Someone was aware of what she did, and they feel that her employers should know the truth.

Ally is in a bad place, but once she learns what Spencer has recently put Jami through, she decides not to tell him about the latest turn her life has taken - again, a decision that did not make any sense, but, again, I will chalk it up to her past. These two drive me crazy. When Jami gets home, Ally is more than happy to move in with him, aside from the whole Don hates her thing. She and Jami are doing pretty well, despite some other major curves that life has just thrown them all. The truth of Ally's situation finally comes to light, however, and Jami shuts down. He chooses to push Ally away - again. These two are so amazing together, and they have some steamy chemistry, but you are constantly on edge to see if they will be one another's saving grace or if they will push the other away one too many times! And when you throw Spencer into the mix...it keeps their life interesting. The hard times are definitely not over for this couple. I don't want to give more away, but you definitely have to check out what happens.


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