Thursday, July 24, 2014

Review of One True Thing by Lynne Jaymes

Synopsis: “That was all before…” Jenna waves her hand in the air, but we both know what she means. Before I touched her in the most intimate places. Before I felt her shudder under my tongue. Before she tasted the salt on my skin. Before I promised a lot more than I could deliver.

Ty Branch has wanted one thing his entire life—to play professional baseball. When he gets a chance to move from San Francisco to play at Texas powerhouse Garvin State University, he's willing to do whatever it takes to make his dream come true, even if that means hiding his past. But when he meets dance major Jenna Taylor, the chemistry is so strong his single-minded quest begins to weaken. As he gets to know her quirky, small-town family, he falls more deeply in love, but becomes even more sure he can never tell her the truth about his family. 

When a surprise visitor blows his past wide-open, Ty is forced to come to terms with his secrets. But is the damage already done with Jolene or can he find a way to sacrifice everything he's worked for in order to win back the heart of a once-in-a-lifetime love.

4.25 Stars

Review: Ty Branch is hiding some things from his past from everyone at his new school, Garvin State. He has worked really hard to get where he is, but he is now in a small town in a state that seems to still not be very progressive - Texas. He is trying to stay focused on only one thing - baseball - until Jenna makes her way into his life. They have lived in the same apartment complex for several months, but have managed to not make much contact. That all changes, however, when one of his teammates and friends invites him out with him, his girlfriend, and one of her friends from dance class - Jenna. 

Ty is unable to keep ignoring Jenna, and the two of them have a connection. Before things can move forward too much, however, he backs off, which puts Jenna off, as she has been burned pretty badly, herself, in her dating past. Jenna has a difficult time trusting guys, in general, and she really struggles with trusting Ty again after he left her without any kind of word. The two of them have this pull, however, that prevents them from ignoring one another for too long. 

Ty's past impacts both of their lives, however, as what he is hiding from Jenna is something that her family members still struggle with in many ways. I don't want to give too much away, but this book deals with racism, small town minds, lying, cheating pasts, and the undeniable pull that two people can feel towards one another - no matter the odds. There were a few grammatical errors, and this book definitely ends with some things still up in the air. It does not necessarily have the feel of a cliffhanger, but it does feel like things end really suddenly, and you are almost left with the feeling of holding your breath. 


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