Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Blood and Roses Series by Callie Hart


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*Please note, this is a Dark Romance series and deals with themes including violence and murder. 

Zeth Mayfair's never been troubled by morals before. As one of Seattle's most dangerous, feared men, he's always carried out the jobs he's sent on without a second thought. Drugs? Guns? Dirty money? They're all fair game. But girls? Girls are another matter entirely. When Zeth's employer decides buying and selling kidnapped women is a lucrative sideline, Zeth's usually uncomplicated life suddenly becomes very complicated indeed. And his biggest complication goes by the name of Sloane Romera. 

As a trauma doctor at St. Peter's Hospital, Sloane's finger is hardly on the pulse of Seattle's underground crime scene. Her sister is missing and she needs to find her, yet all doors leading into the seedy world of human trafficking are firmly closed in Sloane's face. She needs information. What she really needs is help...and help presents itself in the most unlikely of forms. Zeth Mayfair is terrifying, scandalously hot, and comes fully loaded with a terrible attitude and wicked smile. He also looks like he's Sloane's only hope. Can she work with the guy without getting herself killed, losing her job, or falling head over heels in love? 

What happens in the dark never stays in the dark. 

* At the end of this special edition boxset, you can also read the first chapter in Violent Things, Zeth & Sloane's brand new story! * 

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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