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Review: Otis by Scott Hildreth

Title: OTIS
Author: Scott Hildreth
Series: Selected Sinners MC Book III
Release Date: June 9th, 2015
Cover Artist: Jessica Hildreth 
Otis, a 6’-6” mountain of tattooed muscle, has been the protector of the Selected Sinners MC since the club’s inception. Now promoted from the Sergeant-At-Arms to a position of Vice President, he still naturally possesses a desire to protect his brothers at any cost. 

Although he desperately desires a woman in his life, it isn’t that easy for Otis. He has sexual kinks not every woman can satisfy, and he knows it. Right now he has no time or desire to interact with people outside the club. As a 1%er, he trusts no one - man or woman. With a potential club prospect being released from prison and an undercover ATF agent amongst the ranks of his beloved MC, he feels the club is in danger. 

When Sam - his former high school sweetheart who he hasn’t seen for over a decade - comes back to town for the funeral of her mother, he realizes he can’t be in her presence and be expected to keep cock stuffed in his pants - and right now’s not the time... 

Not knowing if Otis was single or married, Sam’s intention was to slip into town, slip out, and no one be the wiser – she felt it would just be easier that way. 

When she encounters Otis by happenstance, she can’t believe her eyes. 

And neither can he, Sam is more beautiful than ever.

Immediately all bets are off. 

But if Sam’s going to a part of Otis’ life, she’s going to have to accept the fact he’s a Sinner. 

And he’s going to have to accept the fact that although his life has changed drastically, Sam’s hasn’t. 

She’s still in love with him and always has been. And, she’s still turned on by having sex in public places... 

For a man with a sexual desire like Otis’ it’s hard to say no to a woman who shares a kink – even if the MC’s in turmoil. 

AUTHORS NOTE: This book is a stand-alone MC Erotic Romance with no cheating and a HEA. Be forewarned, the main characters in this book are both agoraphiliacs. They enjoy sex in public places, especially if they think someone’s watching. The sex depicted in this book is descriptive, much different than a typical MC Romance, and HOT.

Otis, Otis, Where for art thou Otis?  Let me say that I am an avid reader of MC books and Scott Hildreth's MC series does not disappoint at all.  I have read the other two books and felt both those books were great.  Scott seems to take Otis' book up a level to a BURNING INFERNO!!!  His writing is amazing, he grabs you by the balls and pulls you into the book, immersing you in the characters, feeling the emotions they feel, you are a part of the story. I love waiting around, getting right to the point, straight shooter.  

If you have read the other books in this series, you know who Otis is.  He is a stand up guy who keeps to himself; he takes care of his own, MC included.  In life, Otis is a simple man.  A simple man with one love.  His love, Sam has been dealt a bad hand, losing someone she is extremely close to and having to deal with the loss...single and alone.  She dealt with this death alone until returning to her hometown.  When Sam and Otis see each other for the first time in 15 years, you could literally see and feel fireworks going off.  Neither had truly moved on to other meaningful relationships.  They were able to pick right back up.  This love story is simply beautiful!!!  Needless to say, OMG, the sex these two had were something else totally.  Like the blurb above said, AGORAPHILIACS, they loved to have sex in public, especially if someone is watching. Boy did they ever, like rabbits!!!! I'm not putting in quotes, you will just need to read the book and have someone there when you do!!! You will need it!  <3 <3 <3

If you love a great MC book, that contains Otis, an alpha man, who takes control in all situations, especially with Sam, sizzling sex that is gritty with lots of dirty talking thrown in...then this book is for you.  Honestly, if I could give this book more than five stars I totally would.  Scott, I can't wait for the next book...I hope it is Big Biscuit's story.  I'm sure it's going to be hilarious because of his stories but either way, whomever the next book is about, I will definitely read it.  

5 Stars


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About Scott

Scott Hildreth is a very analytical sort who bases his beliefs on statistics he compiles in his head. Often going as long as a month without so much as a single sip of water, he drinks coffee as if it were the lifeblood of his writing.

Scott fears flying, clowns, and amusement park rides. Tall and lean with a cleanly shaven head and covered in tattoos, he doesn’t blend in well. After reading his writings, this makes perfect sense. His vibrant characters, backstories, and plots, although always relatable, generally stand out as much as he does.

Willing to discuss matters at length most people shy away from, Scott’s writing has revolved around such subjects as domestic abuse, suicide, alcoholism, drug abuse, cancer, divorce, homosexuality, religion, and lack thereof.

Born in San Diego, California, Scott now calls Wichita, Kansas his home. He is a proud father, and lives devoted to the love of his life, Jessica. When he isn’t writing, he may be found on his motorcycle or in a local coffee house.

Scott's novels include Broken People, Undefeated, Unstoppable, Unleashed, Unbroken, Baby Girl - Ruined, Baby Girl - Owned, Baby Girl - Loved, To the Depths of Hell, The Alpha-Bet, Finding Parker, Karter, Confessions of a Smut Author, When It All Began: A Jessie Jayne Novella, Making the Cut: Selected Sinners MC Book I, Taking the Heat: Selected Sinners Book II, the first book in a series, Threefold, and now his New Release of book III in his Selected Sinners MC series, Otis

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