Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Review of Lover Reborn (Black Dagger Brotherhood #10) by J.R. Ward

Synopsis: Ever since the death of his shellan, Tohrment has been a heartbroken shadow of the vampire leader he once was. Brought back to the Brotherhood by a self-serving fallen angel, he fights again with ruthless vengeance, unprepared for a new tragedy. Seeing his beloved in dreams—trapped in a cold, isolated netherworld—Tohr turns to the angel Lassiter to save his former mate. The only way to rescue her is for Tohr to love another. As war with the lessers rages, and a new clan of vampires vie for the Blind King’s throne, Tohr struggles between an unforgettable past and a hot, passion-filled future. But can his heart let go and set all of them free?

4.75 Stars!

Review: Tohrment's story has broken my heart since the moment that he lost Wellsie, his shellan. Absent for a few books, he made his return a while back, but he has barely been living since that time. He is just surviving, and really, barely even that on most days. He has a plan to try to get killed so that he can join Wellsie. He doesn't really even see how that would affect others around him - especially John. Their relationship is sorely tested once John realizes that Tohrment, or his absence, still has the power to hurt him, and he is very tired of being hurt. All of this stops, however, when Tohrment learns that Wellsie was unable to go into the Fade because of him. In fact, she and their child are suffering in a weird, in between world, and it is up to him to set her free.
Thus begins Tohrment's journey to let others in, and to try to give his body and his heart to someone else so that she has a chance for the Fade. Xhex's mom, No'One, or Autumn, as Tohr renames her, plays a big part in this, as she and Tohr already had a previous connection. In fact, their stories are intertwined in more ways than one. In some ways, it was very difficult to read, as Tohr punishes himself and Autumn in different ways. Her guilt at her own previous life choices allows him to do so, all while beginning to love him. And, of course, evil is piling up around the rest of the Brotherhood, and the world does not slow down just for everyone to figure out their love lives. Danger is all around them, now, and it comes from several different directions.

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