Thursday, May 21, 2015

Carnage by Lesley Jones

Carnage: Book #1 The Story of Us by Lesley Jones Book Summary

I love him, from the instant I set eyes on him when I was just 11 years old I have loved him and nothing

will ever change that, he owns me, he owns my heart and he owns my body and no matter how many

lies are told, no matter how many people conspire to keep us apart, despite the fame and the distance,

we will find a way.

“Georgia Rae, when we made love you used to cry”… He waits for me to sing my bit. I try to swallow

down a sob but I just end up singing through it…

“I said I love you like the stars above, I’ll love you till I die”

Carnage, an edgy coming of age love story that breaks all the rules and transcends the decades. Georgia

and Sean's story will stay with you long after you read the final word.

An emotional, smoking hot, gut wrenching read.

Lesley Jones Biography

Lesley Jones was born and grew up in Essex, just outside of London, England but moved with her family

to Australia in 2006 and now lives close to the city of Melbourne. As well as writing, Lesley is an avid

reader and also enjoys watching a game of football- the round ball version- while sipping on a glass of

wine, during her down time. Despite now living in Australia, she is still an Essex girl at heart and remains

partial to her waxing, tinting, sculpting and shellac routines. Lesley is a huge fan of social media and can

often be found chatting to her readers in her various groups. She is a sucker for a reality TV show, with

TOWIE being her obvious favourite.  Lesley Jones is perhaps best known for her Carnage and

Saviour/Resolution book series and has recently released Conviction.

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