Sunday, October 19, 2014

Review of Electrified by Rachel Blaufeld

Synopsis: Everyone knows her as Sienna Flower.

Her curves and long lashes tease and taunt from her very own billboard where the desert meets the Las Vegas Strip. She’s the hottest stripper in town, known for her sultry and indecent moves coupled with her virginal eyes.

She’s a heady and unique combination, and a mystery to all who come to see her.

Sienna captivates crowds nightly at the Electric Tunnel, leaving them wanting to know more about the sensual enigma. But no one ever sees beyond the heavily guarded stripper onstage. She is Sienna Flower 24/7.

No one other than her closest friend and boss, Asher Peterson, who helped turn a young and frightened girl into who Sienna is today. Together they created the sexual illusion known as Sienna Flower. They will go to any lengths to protect her image, which is why Sienna is convinced she must remain unattached and alone.

Like everyone else in Vegas, Sienna is hiding something and playing a role. A good girl in her former life, she was raised to be obedient and accepting of her fate, but there are some circumstances no one should be expected to accept. She escaped to a world light years away from the one she was subjected to…the Electric Tunnel.

Now she can never be anything other than Sienna Flower. Not only would she be hurt, but everyone around her would suffer the consequences.

That is, until she meets private detective Carson Graham, the dark and mysterious ex-FBI agent who watches her dance every weekend. With his dark hair and chocolate-brown eyes, Carson begins to heat Sienna’s heart and body, melting away the layers and secrets. Sienna doesn’t want to get attached to Carson, but when another man surfaces and starts hunting her down, bringing out the scars of her old life, she can’t help but seek comfort in Carson’s protection.

With everyone trading on the secrets of her past, Sienna finds herself caught in an awful web of lies. Her ultimate fear is hurting her friends at the Tunnel, but she doesn’t know who to trust. Namely, Carson. Is he good? Or bad? Does she have the luxury of finding out?

4 Stars

Review: Sienna Flower seems to be the epitome of an exotic dancer just off the Strip in Las Vegas - beautiful, exotic, captivating, and full of secrets. Sienna has a past that she and her boss and best friend, Asher, have worked very hard to hide. She rose out of the ashes of her past seven years prior to when this book takes place, and she has worked hard to develop what the public sees and to keep her secrets to herself. The saying goes that "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas", but the irony seems to be that that is not often the case - secrets find a way out. 

For several weeks, private investigator, Carson, has been captivated by Sienna, just as many men and women before him. She, however, is captivated by him, as well, and she begins to break many of her rules in order to meet him, get to know him and slowly open up to him. Asher, as well as several other people from the Electric Tunnel, where she works, are so caring and protective of her, however, so Carson must prove himself, not only to Sienna, but also to her "family". That was truly interesting to watch - to see this group of people that many others would judge or disregard for their chosen professions - to see them come together and care for one another was really sweet to see. 

Sienna's past, however, begins to bleed into her present. She comes from a very strict and small-minded past, so she thought that she would be safe right out in the open in her new chosen profession. She was wrong, however, and she begins to wonder who she can trust. I have to admit, there were some aspects of the end of the story that I did see coming, but there were some things that actually did take me by surprise. I won't say more, as to not provide spoilers.

So, overall, I feel like Rachel writes a good story, however, I think I might actually feel like there were too many details, at times. Or maybe there is just too much repetition of the same details, so it feels like too much. As an example, Sienna has a trademark skin care regimen of wearing sparkly lotion, but I felt like that was mentioned over and over again. It made me begin to skim through a lot of the sections, and then I would realize I had missed some dialogue and have to go back. I think there was also a lot of focus on the innocence in Sienna's eyes, considering what she does. I think if we were talking a time period of one to three years, you could maybe still say that, knowing what I know now of her past, but I do think it would be difficult to keep that innocence in your eyes within the exotic dancing field for seven years. 


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